Meet The Owner

"Mr. Sparkle is actually a hobby that evolved into business. Here's what happened... I just wanted my own cars to look right. First I bought an electric polisher. Then some compounds, waxes, sealants, specialty brushes, a headlight restoration system, and even a vapor steamer.

Friends and family took notice..." Read More.

Opti-Coat Pro

Protect your investment with the unmatched durability of Opti-Coat Pro. Long Island's first authorized installer has the experience to do it right. To learn more about the product click here.

What My Shop Offers You

Our shop is fitted with LED lighting to mimic direct sunlight specifically to see defects in auto paint. Proper lighting along with a controlled environment is key for paint correction and coating installation. Other detailers cannot correct what they cannot see

Personal Service

Something to think about: at the "garage" detail shops, the owner usually doesn't detail your car. Bryan is Mr. Sparkle's only employee. It's his business...his reputation.